Beautiful Sapi Island

Pulau Sapi, actually referred to as “Cow Island” with Malay is on the south-western tip regarding Pulau Gaya. The 25-acre isle offers the best beach locations in the area and most well-liked by holidaymakers designed for scuba diving and snorkelling. This really is probably the most wonderful island destinations around here and it is small compared to Pulau Manukan however the masses here is far less when compared to nearby isles. Upon coming here, you’ll be astonished by the actual clearness and colouring of the seas all around the isle and when you find yourself on a jetty, you will end up captivated at the natural splendour encircling that location.

The rich waters here are very crystal clear, it is incredible that the land is only a quarter-hour away. The scuba diving from Sapi Isle is certainly one you need to attempt. The rich waters are very crystal clear and there’s no shortage regarding coral fish which range small ones to huge ones.

sapi Island 1 Beautiful Sapi IslandSapi Isle is really considered one of Sabah’s tiny jewel. One of many enjoyable things you can do at Pulau Sapi would be to wait for a tide to get lower so that you can in fact wander around to Pulau Gaya back again over the linking sandbar.

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